Workplace Analysis

About Innovative Workplace Institute

Innovative Workplace Institute (IWI) was made possible through a partnership between core members of the CAPTIW© project to disseminate and manage CAPTIW©. The mission of IWI is to advance the use of CAPTIW© to promote the evidence-based practice that leverage an analytics to link between the physical environment and the organizational performance and bottom line in the workplace. It also aims to promote the three pillars of worker performance: productivity, health, and well-being, which are integrated to the foundational framework of CAPTIW© to address the optimum worker performance toward a sustainable workplace.

At the center of IWI, we focus on the development and dissemination of workspace performance analytics and diagnostics to advance the practice of workplace planning, design, and management. This is also to increase the synergy of the triple bottom line of creative and innovative workplaces: people, process, and organizational culture to empower them through the enhanced physical environment.

IWI is pioneering new ways of practicing designing and managing workplaces with a comprehensive analytic and diagnostic tool. IWI is doing this in two ways: by offering the free version of CAPTIW© and also offering advanced analyses and recommendations through private consulting. The free version of CAPTIW© is a powerful tool to diagnose the workplace and implement new plans for improvements when used by in-house workplace evaluation teams or outside consulting teams who hold professional expertise in this area and know how to interpret the results and make recommendations. However, for organizations who do not have these options and would like to seek an opportunity to obtain a full report or further analyses not provided by the free version of CAPTIW©, IWI can provide consulting services at nominal fees. (Click to view a SAMPLE IN-DEPTH REPORT). All the fees are used to maintain and advance CAPTIW©. If interested in private consulting, please contact our Executive Director, Dr. Young S. Lee.

Executive Director

Young S. Lee, Ph.D., NCIDQ, LEED AP ID+C

As Executive Director at IWI, Dr. Lee emphasizes the importance of the evidence-based practice that looks at the physical environment as a vehicle to achieve organizational efficiency and optimum worker performance by addressing productivity, health, and well-being simultaneously. Continuing her work as the project leader of CAPTIW©, Dr. Lee orchestrates the efforts for research, dissemination, private consulting, and public relations at IWI. Trained in Interior Architecture and Design for two decades, she brings to IWI her expertise in the impact of indoor environmental quality (IEQ) on occupant performance; spatial and design attributes of the innovative workplace affecting the organizational bottom line; and sustainable design attributes and occupant performance, health, and well-being.

The groundwork of her decade-long research in two areas became the foundation of CAPTIW©: workplace design criteria for creativity & innovation and workplace design criteria for employee performance, health & well-being. Bridging research, design and consulting experiences, Dr. Lee has created CAPTIW©, one of the most innovative and comprehensive evaluation tools for the 21st century workplace, connecting organization innovation performance to the performance of the workplace environment. She continues such exciting endeavors at IWI. Her rigorous research work has been numerously published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at international and national conferences. A list of her publications can be found from here.