Q: Is my Assessment Tool data private and secure?

By creating an account and securely logging-in only you will be able to view the Data, and results. All individual results are strictly confidential. But your data will be used anonymously as part of the overall benchmark results.

Q: Will my project's or company's name be visible as part of the overall benchmark results?
A: NO.

Your project or company's data and results will be anonymously aggregated by an automatically assigned submission code with other projects or companies participating. However, names of the participating project and company may be listed separately to describe which types of companies have participated in this tool without linking the results to your company or project name.

Q: How is my data anonymity protected on the website?
A: Once you securely Login, the website databases are protected by SSL certificate. The website URL will switch automatically to reflect this by using: Your company or project name will be stored in a separate database from your data on our secure servers and encrypted with an ID code.

Q: Do I have to finish the entire Assessment Tool before submitting the data?
A: NO.

As you fill out the Assessment Tool, your answers are saved to your individual database by selecting the SAVE button at the bottom of each section. By logging back in at a later time, you will be prompted to continue entering your answers from where you left off, or update your answers. You can, then, navigate to any other section of the Assessment Tool by selecting different tabs from the Tool Menu. Your answers do not have to be entered in any particular order, or section.

Q: Can I participate in the Assessment Tool more than once?

You can participate more than once to evaluate different buildings, projects, or locations by selecting NEW ASSESSEMENT from the USER DASHBOARD.

Q: Can I participate in several Assessment Tools simultaneously?

You can do this by selecting the Assessment Tool you would like to work on from your USER DASHBOARD.

Q: Can I save and finish later?

As you enter data your inputs are automatically updated and saved by selecting the SAVE button at the bottom of each section. You will be able to enter data at a later date, including updating data. Once the assessment tool data entry is completed for each section, you will be prompted to SAVE. At this point your data is locked into the database. Any further changes will have to be made through an email request to re-open your assessment tool for further modifications.

Q: Do I have to create an account to use the Assessment Tool?

You will not be able to participate unless you create an account.

Q: What if I/we do not have the data or answer to a question?
A: Try to answer ALL question for best results.

Remember that estimates are acceptable within your best ability. If you are not sure how to answer certain questions, you can always contact the website at

Q: Is there a fee associated with using the Assessment Too?
A: NO.

The Tool is free to use and there will not be any compensation for participation.

Q: Is there a mobile version available so we can take the survey on our tablets?

The tool is available for use on mobile Tablets. At this time a Phone App. is not available.

Q: How do I know that my submission was received? Will we be notified of its submittal?

A message will appear at the end of final submission, indicating successful complete of the entire assessment tool for an analysis

Q: Will my information be shared with others?
A: NO.

Aggregated data may be shared in publications, but individual data associated with your company name will never be shared with others.

Q: Can I register even if I do not live in the U.S.?

The Assessment Tool is open to evaluate all international knowledge workplaces. Please calculate all questions regarding financials into $US currency.

Q: It won't continue to the next page. What do I do?
A: Please send an email requesting assistance.
Q: Can I delete my account and results?

Accounts can be deleted through an email request. All data will be anonymously retained in the database except special circumstances.

Q. Will there be additional Assessment Tools in the future?
A: NO.

As this Tool is comprehensive, there are no current plans for additional Assessment Tools. If you or your company is interested in a customized version of the Tool, Please send an email request. We are available for private consultation.

Any further questions can be sent to: