Glossary & Terminologies

Acoustics guidelines and standards
Noise control guidelines and standards from ANSI, ASHRAE, ASA, CEN, or other industry best practice guidance
Auditory stimulation
Music and other sounds such as sound of nature that stimulate human auditory sense
Cleanliness and maintenance space
Cleanliness and hygiene that is equivalent to 'Level 2 Ordinary Tidiness' in the APPA (Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers) custodial guideline
Collaboration space
A space for group tasks to achieve a common goal between the members. It may include meeting rooms, conference rooms, or small shared spaces for collaborative activities between workstations
Capacity of a space to change in function through the conversion of space
A legal term used to describe the rights that creators have over their literary and artistic works; works range from books, music, paintings, sculpture, and films, to computer programs, databases, advertisements, maps and technical drawings
Doodle spaces
A space for idea generation through brainstorming, charrette, doodling, design improvisation, model making, role playing, etc.
Ergonomic guidelines and standards
Ergonomic guidelines and standards that established from BIFMA, ANSI/HFES, OSHA, or other industry best practice guidance
Capacity of a space to accommodate growth with expansion
Fitness space
A designated separate space or a space with equipment placed at workstations for fitness
It includes expandability, versatility, and convertibility of spaces
Flow of spaces
Appropriate adjacency layout supporting the flow of work in knowledge management
Focus space
A space for individual tasks requiring concentration without interruptions from others. It may include individual workstations, private offices, or small enclosed rooms to conduct individual tasks for mobile workers
Formal meeting space
A space for meetings that is typically closed and equipped with appropriate low- and/or high-tech tools to document, display, and share ideas
Green cleaning materials and products
The cleaning materials and products that produce no harmful chemicals and are certified by a third party such as Green Seal, Environmental Choice CCD, or other industry best practice guidance.
A tangible object such as a smart phone, furniture, or packaged software, but downloadable software, music and film are also goods
Health issues caused by the built environment, which are critical to human health and performance
High-tech tools
Electronic tools for display of ideas and communication, group sharing and creation of information, and effective decision-making by using multimedia, visualization systems, information sharing systems, telecommunications technology, etc.
Home-like setting
A space with the types of furniture and furnishings typically used in residences, residential spaces such as living room, den, porch, or fireplace, home-like comfortable ambience, and having pets around.
Impromptu meeting spaces
A meeting space that is typically created in the hallways, corners, or other paths of traffic to increase chances of serendipitous or impromptu meetings with or without tools for doodling
Indoor air quality standards
Indoor air quality standards from ASHRAE or other industry best practice guidance
Industrial design
The ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article, a design may consist of three-dimensional features, such as the shape or surface of an article, or of two-dimensional features, such as patterns, lines or color
Informal meeting space
A space for informal meetings where low- and/or high-tech tools for doodling are provided
The design, invention, development and/or implementation of new or altered products, services, processes, systems, organizational structures, or business models for the purpose of creating new value for customers and financial returns for the firm
Intellectual property
Creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce; includes copyright, patent, trademark, and industrial design
IT resources
Information technology that enables group work, processes and activities in both physical and virtual group work. Information technology is a computer system for storing, retrieving, and sending electronic information
Key ergonomic principles
These principles include versatility, flexibility, fit, postural change, and maintainability
Level 2 Ordinary Tidiness
All surfaces are clean and there is no build up in corners or along walls, but there may possibly be two days' worth of dust, dirt, stains, or streaks, and noticeable marks, dust, smudges, and fingerprints upon close examination. In addition, trash containers hold only daily waste, and are clean and odor-free
Low-tech tools
Manual tools for display of ideas and communication, and group sharing and creation of information by using writing surfaces, white boards, pin-ups, etc.
Marketing innovation
The implementation of a new marketing concept or strategy that differs significantly from your company's existing marketing methods and which has not been used before by your company
Natural elements
Elements of nature including daylight, views of nature, interior vegetation /plants, water features, etc.
Non-hierarchical space
A space that blurs the traditional power structure at work through different space allocation or layout from the traditional planning
Olfactory stimulation
Smell of beverage, food, aroma, scent, etc. that stimulates human olfactory sense
Organizational innovation
A new organizational method in business practices including knowledge management, workplace organization or external relations that has not been previously used by the company.
Outdoor recharge space
An outdoor space intended for a short mental break to recharge or build camaraderie while doing activities not related to work. It may include outdoor lounge areas, outdoor gardens, balconies, rooftop gardens, etc.
An exclusive right granted for an invention, provides the patent owner with the right to decide how - or whether - the invention can be used by others and in exchange for this right, the patent owner makes technical information about the invention publicly available in the published patent document
Play space
Either a designated separate space or a space with features integrated to the space that is built for intentional physical or virtual activities or games such as mini basketball game equipment along a wall, dart boards, Ping-Pong, billiards, karaoke, foosball, air hockey, or computer/ video games.
Primary work spaces
Spaces to focus, collaborate, and socialize as these are the main activities necessary for creation of new knowledge in knowledge workplace
Process innovation
The implementation of a new or significantly improved production process, distribution method, or support activity for your goods or services
Product innovation
The market introduction of a new or significantly improved good or service with respect to its capabilities, user friendliness, components, or sub-systems
Recharge space
Either a separate space or a space with features integrated to work spaces or workstations that is intended for a short mental break to recharge or build camaraderie while doing activities not related to work
Relaxing environment
A space with features reducing stress and increasing relaxation, which is critical to producing creative and innovative ideas
An intangible good, such as retailing, insurance, educational courses, air travel, consulting, etc.
Social hangout space
A space for social networking or interactions in such spaces as caf'/cafeteria, break rooms, lounges, etc.
Socialization space
A space for social networks and interactions that build camaraderie and collegiality. It may include hallway impromptu meeting spaces, lounge areas, cafeteria, etc.
Solitude space
A space for personal lounging, break, or meditation
Stimulating art/design/craftwork
Inspiring art/ design/ craft work that is significantly present and integral to the spaces for creativity and innovation
Thermal comfort
The thermal condition that is comfortable to human body
Thermal comfort guidelines and standards
Thermal comfort guidelines and standards from ASHRAE, ISO, EN, or other industry best practice guidance
A sign capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one enterprise from those of other enterprises
Unconventional functions and shapes and dramatic use of interior architectural & interior design elements
Interior elements featuring atypical or unusual functions, shapes, forms, and finishes in doors, stairs, ramps, walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, lighting, etc.
Unique/Fun atmosphere
Art, design, and spatial features that create neural and psychological stimulation and relaxation that are critical to producing creative and innovation ideas
Usable space
A fully enclosed space in square feet available for tenant personnel, furnishings, fixtures and equipment (FF&E), includes the aisles and walkways within tenant spaces for internal circulation on multi-tenant floors or, on single tenant floors, hallways and restrooms exclusively serving their floor(s).
Capacity of a space to accommodate several different activities as a multifunctional space
Visual access
Being able to visually see other people by using such design strategies as lower and/or transparent partitions in the work areas, vertical openness between floors using stairs & atriums, intersecting circulation paths, etc.
Visual comfort
Light levels and sources that provide the comfort in visibility
Visual stimulation
Accentuated color including accentuated monochrome, color contrast, patterns, etc. that stimulates human visual sense
Whimsical and fun decorative objects
Fun signage, toys, ornaments, etc. incorporated into the workspace to promote inspiration and idea generation.