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Innovative Workplace Institute and CAPTIW ©

When creativity and innovation are critical to the performance of a knowledge workplace, an environment conducive to these is a must. Innovative Workplace Institute operates and manages the most comprehensive analytics and diagnostic tool – CAPTIW© (pronounced captive) to provide organizations a means to assess the performance of their workspaces in relation to the organizational performance in innovation and bottom line. CAPTIW© (Comparative Assessment and Performance Tool for Innovative Workplace) is a free tool developed for practitioners by a collaborative efforts between industry and academic partners to offer an analytic platform for the systematic assessment of workspace performance.

CAPTIW© acts as a comprehensive evaluation and benchmark tool that measures and analyzes the performance of the physical work environment of workplaces. In addition, it examines the relationships of the workspace performance to innovation performance and innovation strategies of a company. The performance analysis yields data that help support overall innovation performance of the knowledge workplace. The evaluation focuses on seven key performance indicators (KPIs) of the physical work environment of the creative and high-performing knowledge workplace, which are known to affect three components essential to the organizational creativity and innovation: creative people, creative process, and creative organizational culture.

CAPTIW© integrates an automated analyses system that displays the results in a visually enhanced format using a combinations of charts, tables, and text for easy understanding. Upon completion of an assessment for a workplace, users are able to not only look at the individual results of their place but also compare the results with other highly creative and highly performing companies within the benchmark. CAPTIW© helps extend the ability of practitioners to design and manage outperforming physical environments based on evidence.

Beyond the free version of CAPTIW©, Innovative Workplace Institute offers private consulting for advanced analyses of trends and benchmark comparisons tailored to individual companies and organizations. (Click to view a SAMPLE IN-DEPTH REPORT). For further inquiries, please contact


Bringing practitioners and researchers in workplace design and management together, the Comparative Assessment & Performance Tool for Innovative Workplace (CAPTIW©) was developed by a collaborative effort to advance the field of workplace design and evaluation practice. Funded by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) Foundation through its prestigious Transform Grant, the tool provides a comprehensive platform that accurately measures the impact of the physical work environment on the organizational innovation performance.

CAPTIW© is a comprehensive tool that is built upon two of the extensive frameworks in the areas of the creative knowledge workplace as well as the indoor environmental quality supporting worker performance developed by the project leader Dr. Lee. To advance the field of workspace assessment and analytics, CAPTIW© utilizes only objective and prescriptive measures to assess workspaces to yield quantifiable and actionable data. These data are collected and analyzed in the areas of the seven key performance indicators (KPIs) of the workspace performance and the five KPIs of the innovation performance. Especially, the seven KPIs and sub-KPIs of workspace performance encompass a first of its-kind compressive list of performance, health, and well-being of knowledge workers. Many Industry and Academic Partners shared their invaluable expertise with the project team, and helped refine and test the tool. These individuals include designers, consultants, workplace strategists, facility managers, human resource personnel, CEOs, and academic and industry researchers in the field of workplace.

The assessment tool consists of three sections.

  • Part 1: Company Information and Innovation Strategies measures innovation strategies and economic growth of a workplace/ company in three areas:

    1. Organizational Environment/Culture

    2. Process

    3. Individuals/Groups

  • Part 2: Innovation Performance of Company measures innovation performance of the workplace/ company in five areas:

    1. Productive Innovation (PI)

    2. Process Innovation(PRI)

    3. Organizational Innovation (OI)

    4. Marketing Innovation (MI)

    5. Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Part 3: Key Performance Indicators of the Physical Work Environment measures the performance of the physical work environment with seven areas of the key performance indicators:

    1. Space Type (ST)

    2. Space & Furniture Layout (SFL)

    3. Space Size and Access to Equipment (SSA)

    4. Neural & Psychological Stimulation and Relaxation (NPSR)

    5. Furniture Ergonomics & Technology (FET)

    6. Ambient Conditions (AC)

    7. Healthfulness (H)

The chart below explains the framework and the model of CAPTIW© between three Parts and the components under each Part. The table illustrates the seven KPIs of the workspace performance that encompass a first of its-kind comprehensive list of performance, health, and well-being of knowledge workers.

CAPTIW Framework and Model

Seven KPIs & Sub-KPIs of Workspace Performance
Encompassing Performance, Health, and Well-being

To further learn about the tool, check out our Assessment Tool under the Explore menu.

How to Participate

Step 1: Create an account with a valid email.
Step 2: Fill out your account information.
Step 3: Initiate a project as a coordinator.
Step 4: Watch an instructional video and read the instructions provided.
Step 5: Download a worksheet*.
Step 6: Collaborate with appropriate personnel to gather information for various parts in the assessment.
Step 7: Fill out the online assessment tool.
Step 8: View results. (Click to view Sample Results)

If you would like literature on CAPTIW© to share with your colleagues or executives to initiate an assessment, here are two brochures we provide:

  • If you are more interested in the organizational innovation performance part of CAPTIW©, please click here.
  • If you are more interested in the health and well-being aspects of CAPTIW©, please click here.

The results will help you:

  • Evaluate the performance of the physical work environment for the creative and high-performing knowledge workplace
  • Develop design strategies for future projects and upgrades to enhance the performance of the physical work environment
  • Strengthen the attributes of the physical work environment specifically necessary to each project/workplace
  • Justify facility expenditures to management and assess the effectiveness of improvements
  • Stay aware of the trends in workplace strategies
* You can fill out the assessment tool directly at any time without the worksheet. However, it is recommended to look through the questions in advance to fully understand the types of information needed.